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Sophia at Zoe’s costume party! (x)

Sophia at Zoe’s costume party! (x)

fakeliampayne: Oh I found them never mind aha

fakeliampayneOh I found them never mind aha

'i was never really the type of kid to follow a trend, or do something just because everyone else was doing it. I wanted to do whatever made me happy.’

★ happy 19th birthday Bradley Simpson! ★
★ happy 19th birthday Bradley Simpson! 
UAN (2012) + TMH (2013) + WWA (2014)



Best reactions to Liam’s IG picture so far

@annasabow: Workout with Harry 

@annasabow: Workout with Harry 

Louis (to Harry): It’s live while you’re young, innit? 

i will NEVER get over this

"I’m half asleep" he’s literally saying he’s in bed and Harry’s next to him


It’s 10pm on Saturday night in Morocco where Jay Deakin is on her honeymoon, but she’s taken the time to go follow the head of her son’s band’s PR firm on twitter?

Something is happening right now.